Stage 1: First Interview via Skype or FaceTime in the next 72 hours after your application is fully done.

Stage 2: We request and provide information and questions asked in the first interview. Confirm the $50 Fee PrePayment to Process the Application (due at this time as part of the Downpayment).

Stage 3: The second Interview to confirm extra questions about the program and services and immediately confirmation for the program. 

The downpayment and documents will be confirmed with the CEO. The deposit will be requested to be done to the company Bank Account in the US for security reasons. We also accept credit card via Stripe Payments with online mutual communication with the CEO. 

Our Services:

Networking and Social Events

During the trip, we will be connected to Local Co-working Spaces; where we will meet local professionals who work on start-ups, remote workers and entrepreneurs.

Nomad-Trip will organize events where our travelers will be able to connect with local professionals, what will make this trip a one of a kind experience.

Local Ambassador and Tour Conductor

A local language-English speaker will be with you for the duration of the trip, main events and integration days, so it will be easier for you to travel and ask all the information needed. They will be available also in our group and personal chats to answer all the questions you may have.

In each city, we will work with local ambassadors who knows exactly where to go, what to do, and can offer tips about each city so you can enjoy it as a local.

The tour guide will provide us help with the Currency Exchange, how to live like a local and have a real complete Nomad Experience.

International Travel Insurance

As Professional travel agents, we know which providers have the best coverage and services for our travelers.

We work with one of the best International Insurance Service around the world. The coverage policies will be provided on Stage 3 of the Application Process with the chance to upgrade the insurance for a better coverage.

We are still negotiating with the Travel Insurance Companies, on Stage 3 of the Application Process we will publish the name of the company we are gonna offer the services.

Working Space

In each city, we will provide a directory of places where you can find 24/7 co-working spaces with fast wireless internet, following security and safety programs on each business center.

For some cities and co-working spaces we will have a contract where you can subscribe yourself with a Nomad-Trip Special Discount.

Also, we will provide a list and location of all the Coffee Shops we had tried personally, and are 100% sure provide a safe space for you to work with your device.

Our team will be testing the internet on each of the destinations before the group arrival, so we will be sure which spot has the best internet connections to develop our projects.


Nomad Trip travel safely around the world, so we offer confirmed flights with the best airlines in each region/continent.

Reservations will be given before making the down payment. One month before the beginning of the trip, you will be issued all travel tickets and service vouchers for the first group confirmation.


The housing provided is fully furnished with the necessary to live month to month. Laundry will be provided in the same building as possible. Some units/condos can be shared with other travellers.
Washroom might be shared with other travelers. If you prefer a private bathroom, it might have an extra charge each month, depending on destination and availability.

The location will be announced with a month in advance and we will try to locate closer to a Coffee Shop or Coworking space, depending on your needs.

During the process of selecting the new travelers, we ask questions about your budget, personal preferences, so we can match you with people based on their interests, professions, languages, and culture backgrounds.

At Stage 3, we provide pictures and addresses of all the locations and areas you will be staying at during your trip.

Remote Job or Not

Nomad-Trip is not closed to Remote Workers only; as a welcoming and safe community, we are open and accepting applicants who are self-employees, own their companies and can work remotely, freelancers, retired applicants willing to travel the world or just travelers who want to get a Gap Year and have a Nomad Experience around the world.

Just to be clear, Nomad-Trip is not a job provider. If you want a remote job, we highly recommend you start by working with your current employer to find a way to keep your current job and transition to remote, or you can get a new job that adapts to the needs to participate in the program. Also, you can search in Job Search websites for opportunities and offers through the search term: Remote Work or Telecommute.

Local Excursions

The first day in each city we will have a City Tour to explore the city and culture. We will meet our Local Ambassador who will tell us tips and information about the surrounding areas and the easiest ways to transport and live. (Banking, laundry facilities, grocery stores, where to go, taxis, walking, etc)

Nomad-Trip also organizes local travel groups during weekends to Touristic destinations and attractions to make sure you have a safe travel experience with a group good fair.

Volunteer and Social Community

The Nomad-Trip Community is a supportive and open space where professionals from all around the world, religions, sexual preferences or identifications want to live and enjoy traveling together in a safe friendly space environment.

Our applicants are an enthusiastic group of techies, artists, writers, creatives, entrepreneurs, and go-getters that aren’t afraid to explore new areas and experience life to become Citizens of the World.

Our values are based on respect, peace, and unity between the Nomads, and we constantly participate on volunteer programs/events in each cities, in a safe environment.

Visas and Documentation

Nomad-Trip is not responsible for any Visa Documentation or required governmental processing. It is your responsibility to ensure you are allowed access to and from the countries outlined in the program. Due to this, any unused services are non-refundable and are not applicable for a refund of any kind. Travelers are responsible for having their complete documentation and be admissible to a country. For information about Visas and Forms, please visit your local embassy website of each country you pick up to visit.