Frequently Asked Questions

Does Nomad-Trip run verification or background checks on potential participants?

Yes! After down payments are received all approved – applicants will have their information submitted for background safety checks.

During the trip, can I move around the city or country by myself or should I stay with the group all the time?

We strongly suggest taking our confirmed optional services during the trip because you will travel with the group of Nomads. This will make it cheaper, easier, friendlier, and safer for the whole group.
We know sometimes everyone needs some time for themselves and there are places you need to visit by yourself; so we just ask you to let the trip coordinator know where are you going to be. All the information between the coordinator/tour leader is confidential between you two but is just needed for your own safety.

So now I apply, and then I get my application approved. What should I do then?

We will send you all the information about the trip including health insurance coverage, flights bookings, and accommodation information so you can confirm that everything is ready to go. We will proceed with the down payment in the next 10 days.
For the Trip starting on April: By February 15th, the down payment must be received by our office. After we confirm the down payment we will send you the international tickets, insurance, and accommodation confirmation in the next 24 hours.
Payments received after February 15th may be charged an extra fee for the Air Tickets price increase during the last months before buying the ticket.

Any specific passport requirements to making this trip happen?

You will need a passport valid until November 2018 to visit the countries on the itinerary.
If you are going to stay longer, we suggest renew your passport valid at least until 2019.

I don’t live in the US, can you change the flights from my main city?

We will give you the options of different flight to reach each destination.
If we have a high price difference from original, we will let you know. In the event that you want to buy your tickets by your own, we will deduct $400 from the down payment for your trip.

What does the tour cost include?

Transportation from and to USA airports (Miami, NYC and Los Angeles) to and from the end city
Transportation between each city and country (Final Itinerary will be confirmed before the confirmation payment)
Housing accommodation with hot water, reliable Wi-Fi and a same building laundry
International Traveler Insurance
Local city tour and airport shuttle in and out of each city.
Event bilingual coordinator
Local bilingual guide in each city
A professional and experienced travel agent 24/7 for any need or confirmation

Racial, minority, or LGBT issues?

As a millennial company, we are open to all people from around the world. Race, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion or political view are not topics to divide anyone during this century; and so we are. As the future of this world, we see each other as a new experience and a new friend to meet; helpful and thankful to meet and share with.
Be sure to become a No-Mad person, so you won’t have any issues around the group vibe.

Can I apply with a partner or friend?

Yes please. In the application form, you have to let us know their name and email so we can match you two in the process and assign same apartment or bedroom.
If you refer somebody and are both accepted, you will have a discount in the last month of $300 per participant for you. If you want to share the bedroom or have any specific need (like one king size bed), let us know in the first interview.

Can I apply to Nomad-Trip without a remote job?

Yeah, sure! Just be sure you won’t have any economic problems during your trip so you and the rest of the group can enjoy the adventure. If you are looking to find a job, be sure works with your budget during the trip so you can enjoy a complete experience.

Can Nomad-Trip help me to get a remote job?

No, we can not because we are not a Job Searching Company; but we can send you the websites and ways how you can find a remote job by yourself. Sent us an email and we will be more than happy to help you after you had process your application.

Can I get air miles with my ticket reservation?

Yes, you can subscribe to the Points Rewards Plan with the airline once we give you your confirmed booked ticket so you can get your points/miles.

What happens if I need to cancel my participation during the trip?

As your trip is confirmed, all payments made are not refundable. We understand that emergencies happen. In this specific case, we encourage to attend to your emergency (whatever it may be), solve them, and come back after your emergency is over. If you can’t, we will charge you the payments you made to cover all the cancellation fees, as specified in the Reservation and Service Policies.

How does the shared bathroom work?

Apartments with shared bathrooms are cheaper. This bathroom will be shared with the house owner or any other #Nomad. In this case, communication between you and your roommate is basic so you can share the bathroom and coordinate timings and schedules during the daily use of the shared areas in the apartment.

Do I need Visas to visit any of these countries?

Mostly countries do not need Visas to enter their territory. Depending on your Passport, you can check the Visa Information requirements so you can be ready for your trip. For further information please visit the Embassy website, or your local authority, for Visa requirements from your country. Nomad-Trip is not responsible for personal Visas and Travel Documentation.

Can I drive in these countries?

If you have a valid active drivers license from your home country, yes you can drive. But, be sure to get a car with the insurance needed so you don’t encounter any problem. We can help you with a 15% off discount for the car rental and the check on the rental contract so you get the proper price and insurance coverage. Let us know if you will like to rent a vehicle so we can place you in an apartment with a parking lot available for you.

How does laundry work?

Most provided accommodations have a laundry room facilities in the same building. You may need coins, your own detergent and wash your belongings in your free time.

Can I bring pets, children, or family members?

We can try accommodating pets during the program but may apply extra charges, depending on airlines and accommodation policies.

Children and babies are allowed in the program, but it might affect the program develop and specific events.

Extra passengers in the bedrooms without notice can be enough reason to cancel your complete trip and end all services, from the local tour operators to the passenger. Send us an email if you have any family or friends visiting so we can help you with accommodation and give an advanced notice to the hotel/apartment manager so you do not encounter any problems.

Does the program operate in English only?

We accept people from every culture and language background. Multicultural is similar to prosperity; we exhort our travelers to apply and be part of these experience. Fluent English is not mandatory in the program, but it will help you to meet the rest of the people in the group, and maybe get your English Skills to the next level. The program is mainly in English because is the most common language, but if you meet people who speak your language, you can share more time so you can enjoy your trip.

Can I leave the program in the middle and continue a couple of weeks/months later?

Yes, but this won’t affect the price because you are getting the whole package trip. Be sure to let us know so we have all the information about you just for the safety and logistics of the program.

Is there any holiday break?

The program was made considering the Christmas – Hanukkah – New Year’s Eve Holidays so everyone can go back home to spend some time with their loved ones.

On December the program will be in Mexico, so it is easier to book a flight to any city in the US/Canada to spend the Christmas Break with your beloved ones. Also, we are planning a Nomad-Trip weekend in Cancun for NYE, so maybe you will prefer our plan.

Can I travel for less than 1 year and still participate?

No, we are focusing on professionals that are willing to have a complete experience; so yes, you must travel all 12 months with the whole group for the main services (air tickets, transfers, and accommodation).